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VIP DJ-Set Shadowplay 26.02.2022

Beitrag von Pixie »

Mixed by sirCHAMPA ~
Carlo Onda - Dangerous
We Are Not Brothers - No escoltes la TV, tampoc mires la radio
Adán & Ilse - Lost Overdrive (remix by Dimeuhduzen)
Patriarchy - Lock Jaw (Kris Baha dance remix)
Confines - Oro y muerte
Anne Clark - Our darkness (Infravision remix)
Candyman - Canydman (Balvanera remix)
Vaein - Give up get off (Club mix)
Oliver - Spectre of sodomy (Filmmaker remix)
Misfortunes - When the night falls
Alpha Sect - La Liberté (feat. Sydney Valette)
Undertheskin - Cold (Dogs in Trees remix)
Depresión Post-Mortem - Quizas

Mixed by Anthony de Stuart ~
Karl Kave - Klösse
SOJ & Years of Denial - Our Chemical Love
Ninetees - Soon (Moken Remix)
Sierra - Trust
Claus Fovea - We are Machines
Gegen Mann - Blef
Reakton - Motor Epilog
Skelesys - Kill me with love
Oliver - Neither Wise Nor Gods feat. HIV+
Dry_Feel - B-52 (Sarin Remix)
Male Tears - Cry…Forever
NNHMN - Your Body
God Module - Little 15 (Depeche Mode cover)
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